Reunion Wrap up:  I want to send this last communication to wrap up this years reunion and communicate some things I learned. 


1.  Folks do not like to commit to going to a reunion too early in the planning stages.  Any notification to the person responsible for organizing would greatly be appreciated.  Between my brother Ron sending notices by email and me sending notices by face book, we did a better job of communicating information about the reunion.  The end result was 70 to 80 people attending the reunion.  This made a successful reunion possible.  We appreciate all the folks that attended and brought food, items for the auction and volunteered to help.  A lot of folks helped to get the food ready.  It was wonderful food and lots of it.   


2.  My sister Leverle and brother Ron were co hosts for this reunion.  She opened the reunion by welcoming every one and giving folks the agenda for the day.  Ron had received information on our lineage verifying the Robershaw are from Nova Scotia and we are French..  Anyone that has their DNA done, please let Ron know the results.  Billy Ray prayed to bless our food and time together.  It was Phyllis Robershaw birthday so we got to celebrate with her and her family.


3.  Pictures were taken by cousin Kim Robershaw.  We will get to enjoy these online after brother Ron gets them loaded to the Robershaw family internet link.  If you have pictures you want added to the reunion page, please forward to Ron.  Thank you Ron for putting the family tree with pictures on the internet. .  Having used this site to help prepare for the reunion, I realize there are a lot of updates that need to be made.  If you have information that belongs on this site please forward to Ron.  The email address is on the site.


4.  The auction was handled by my wife Sharon and several little ones that helped to draw coupons.  Denise White helped sell the coupons.  This was a fun activity and helped raise money to pay for the cost of the pavilion.  A special thanks to cousins Hal and Dora for renting the pavilion for us.  Unfortunately there were no excess funds this year.  This is a new activity for our reunion and I know more folks will get involved in the next reunion. 


5.  There was train rides for the kids and some adults.  Play ground equipment was available for the kids.  A lesson a lot of folks learned was to go hiking in hiking shoes.  It is beautiful under the falls and worth the hike.


6.  We had a great group of folks attend this reunion.  How do I know?  When it came time to help clean up and put things away, everyone helped out.  This was greatly appreciated and it was the right thing to do.  A wonderful time was had by all.


7.  If you are interested in hosting a reunion, please let me or Ron know.  We would certainly be glad to offer any assistance needed.  I was truly blessed for getting involved to help organize this years reunion.  I found a whole lot of people that are related on face book.  I got to meet some of these folks in person.  That made it all worth while.


















ate:  June 13, 201500 AMeing, w Park, Texas. the food--ston.and he will post pictures to the Robershaw