William Wesley Robershaw

William W. Robershaw was the third child born to Monday Robershaw and Sara Rouse on February 22, 1878 in Marietta, Ga. In the 1900 census, he was working as a day laborer, in 1910 he was working in a lumber mill, in 1920 he was working for Alabama City as a teamster.

He Married Mary Isadora Galbreath in St. Clair, Co. Alabama on Nov. 07,1896. The Robershaw Family was living in an  area of Etowah Co. Alabama called Clear Creek in 1936 when Grandfather Robershaw came in from working in the field, and complained about being tired and fell across the bed dead! There was some conjecture that gangrene had infected a cut on his leg causing an apparent heart attack!!

William Wesley's Mom Sara Rouse Robershaw! Above she appears to be holding the Family Bible? She was born 12/07/1851 in Harralson, GA and died 3/8/1920 in Cherokee County, Alabama!!

Mary Isadora Galbreath was the daughter of Thomas Wesley Galbreath and Louisa Peirelee Ramsey. She was born May 17, 1883 in Cottage Hill, St. Clair Co. Al. She and husband William had six boys, Howard, William Zelton, Lester Blanche, Herman, O B and A G Robershaw. Howard and Herman only lived a short period of time.

Grandmother “ Maggie” was a typical G.Mother in that her  primary goal  was to see that her  grandchildren accepted the Lord so we could go to Heaven! She lived with us most of  the time until she would get on my Moms nerves, then she would go stay with Uncle A G ‘s family a while! She had a stroke and died after a short illness on June 14, 1956 in Gadsden Al. She and her husband William are both buried in Clayton Cemetery, Alabama City.

William Wesley Robershaw Tombstone at Clayton Cemetery, was hand carved by son  O B Robershaw !!

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Clear Creek on left in Etowah, Co. This picture was taken behind Methodist Church, which has and outdoor well to drink from! The water is so clear you can see gravel @ bottom of stream! Pond on right is where the local residents would store their perishables in the summertime to keep them from spoiling.

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Picture above is Reginald C. Robershaw oldest son  of  O B and Lois Robershaw, he still remembers playing there as a young boy. One of the games he remembers was Fox & Hounds!!

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