The O B Robershaw Family

Here is a picture of Mom and Dad early in their Family Life!! Dad is standing and Mom I believe is holding son Jack with brother Reginald standing. I'm not sure who the other people are. It had to be a special occasion for Dad to be dressed up!!

O B Robershaw & Lois Estelle Love were married Sept 26, 1926 in Wetumpka. AL. After they were married Dad went to work in the Cherokee Basin cutting wood. They honeymooned in a  one room trailer. Dad worked in cotton mills,steel mills and during the war worked in a shell plant [making bullets]. However his first love was working in a stone quarry and after the war not only quarried and sold the stone but was installing it as well. It became apparent in the late fifties, that he could make more money installing, so he gave up the stone quarry. The 1930 Census 1940 Census

Mom & Dad with new car in 1950!

Dad & Mom, Jack & Reginald

Picture on left is L. to R. Reginald, Harold Lloyd [son of Lester], LeMerle and Jack. Picture on right is Don & Ron in front of car taken in 1950, on our first trip to San Diego,Ca.

Picture below is of Lois Estelle Love (Mom) &Dad at Reggie’s Wedding in 1957. The center picture is of the house @ 202 Uriah Ave that Dad built with the help of all the family, especially Reginald & Jack. Dad also quarried the stone! Picture on right is of Mom & Dad at their 50th Wedding University! 1926-1976.

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Mom was the glue that held the Family together,and also the motivator! She pushed us children to attend school and she pushed Dad to work and succeed. She also was the driving force that moved the Family to CA. She was the spiritual leader of the Family as well! Dad loved baseball, football, hunting, fishing, golf, and all other sports, but most of all he loved baseball! Dad only attended school thru the 4th grade, he dropped out to go to work. But he was able to teach himself what ever he endeavored to do. And I have found everything he told me about the Family to be true!!