Sara Allis Robershaw Family

Sara Allis was born May 1st, 1870 in Cherokee, Alabama. She was the first born to Sara Rouse and Monday Robershaw. In addition there were two brothers ,William Wesley, and George Washington. She married a Jim Jordan in about 1881, and there was some question as to, the marriage being a legal contract. However she did marry William  Bell tree Smith abt. 1887 in Cherokee County, Alabama. Theirs was undoubtedly a successful relationship as they had a total of eleven children!! After his death she married, Lee Andrew Hudgins and had three more children!!
William Bell tree Smith was born, July 16, 1869 in Cherokee ,Alabama. He died on August 16, 1908. There are  many stories about his life, apparently some true and some not so true. Some of the things that are true is that he got his nick-name Bell tree because he sold whiskey under a tree that had a bell for customers to ring for service. And apparently he was a successful business person as he owned a hotel in Bluffton, Alabama. And he also was a family man to sire eleven children!!
Decendants of Sara Allis & William Smith @ 2001 Robershaw Reunion!
Mother Sara Rouse with 2nd husband Riley Bass!!
And older Sara Allis, not sure of  her age in this picture, but you can see a lot of facial features  that other generations of  Robershaws possess!!
Link to Riley Bass Headstone, Click Here!!
This is a picture of Sara Allis with her mother Sara Rouse and she is holding her son William Everett Smith.
Bonnie Hudgins, youngest daughter of Sara Allis & second husband Bose Hudgins with sister Bessie Dean Smith Haney!!
Alma Smith Price, daughter of William E. Smith and her daughter, Alice Carter!!

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