Robershaw High Cotton Reunion

For O B Robershaw Family

August 6, 2022 @ 1;30 P.M.

4026 Aragon Dr. San Diego, CA

August 05, 2022

This is sister Le Verle, she was our guest for the event. She is trying to locate the Headstone for our Mom, Dad & sister Le Merle who are buried at El Camino Cemetery in San Diego. We had agreed to meet our niece, Denise Holmberg who is the sponsor of the Reunion. She brought her guests for the week brother Don & his wife Sharon who live in Deer Park, TX. She also brought older brother Reginald who lives in Chula Vista, CA Sister Le Verle lives in Goodrich, TX.

Success, in the picture on the left, sister Le Verle has found the headstones, but as you can see on the right, it needs mowing around it.

This is younger brother Donald, he is now 82, he and I both have March Birthday's. Sister Le Merle also had a March Birthday. Her Headstone is next to Mom & Dad's and was Denise's Mother!!
This is brother Reginald, he is now 94 years old & lives in a Senior Living facility in Chula Vista, CA He is special in that he was born on Christmas Day!! He is a retired school teacher!! The leader of our Reunion Denise has joined sister Le Verle above looking at the headstone and sharing thoughts about the lack of care for our loved ones area in the Cemetery!!
Above is Denise's comfort pet Maisie, it is a beautiful little fella!! And in the picture on the right, Don's wife Sharon who was part of the search group looking for the Headstone's has joined Denise & Le Verle. But most important is the center picture with the headstone's cut & cleaned while we were there?
My wife Marlene has now joined the group!! Yes, she is the one who saw a worker in the area & asked him for the special favor of cutting the grass while we were there!! Sister Le Verle was on the ball & gave him a gratuity for his kindness!!
As part of a great day out with all the senior Robershaw descendants of O B Robershaw, Denise has invited us to be her guest for lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, BrocktonVilla in La Jolla, CA!!
And some one suggested I should join Denise & Le Verle for a picture? I have to admit that I am now 85 years old & had to give up my hobby of playing golf!!

Yes, I got lost in traffic? But you can see we were able to check in and acquire a table at the entry near the street to accommodate brother Reggie & the rest of us old folks who would have trouble with stairs!! After lunch we went for a stroll along the sidewalk. Our Host Denise with sister Le Verle above. Thank You Denise for lunch on this beautiful day!!The picture on the right will explain why it is such a popular area in San Diego!!


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