Robershaw Family Reunion

August 12, 2017

My 1st Reunion here was in 1999, when brother Reginald asked all his brothers and sisters to join him in attending a Robershaw Reunion sponsored by Uncle A G's Family. Sadly all of his imediate Family has passed away. Cousin Billy Ray and wife Glenda deserve much of the credit for keeping the event alive, along with cousin Hal Robershaw!! Now on to a few pictures of this years event.
Son Tom and Nephew Davien Robershaw came early with us and put the Robershaw Family Reunion Flag up. Brother Don's wife Sharon has been instrumental in helping organizing the activies. Sister Le Verle has agreed to be the MC and as the picture shows she has a guest to sign in!!
Cousin Ann daughter of Uncle Zelton, Aline, Amanda and boy in back? Ann and her Family have been faithful supporting the Reunion over the years!!
Cousin Charlie Robershaw was one of the 1st arrivals. He is the son of Acton Robershaw!!
James Salers, Skipper Salers, Elizabeth Ann Salers(Robershaw), Laura Seals (Salers)
Cousin Hal and wife Dora. Hal is the son of Uncle Lester Robershaw. At the 1999 Family Reunion, Hal shared with me many Family pictures and stirred my desire for this website and interest in genealogy!!
Cousins Charlie Robershaw and Skipper Salers!!
Ah, cousin Jack Robershaw having a little fun as Jeremy was sharing with me about a Robichaux had filed for bankruptcy in Indiana!!
Adam Holmes, Shannon Holmes (Bryson), Molly Holmes. It was good to see so many young Families at the Reunion!!
A handsome Adam Hughes and Dad?
That is Lilly on the right and I couldn't make out the other names, but a group of good looking kids!!
Here I am with nephew Daiven in back with my grandkids Justin, Chloe and Olivia . Chloe and Olivia were born when my wife and I were at the 2005 Family Reunion. Chloe and Olivia were at the 2007 Reunion!!
Sharon the organizer getting the tables ready for the food!! Thank you Sharon!!
Cousin Jack Robershaw, son of Ralph Robershaw with his grandkids?
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