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Mrs. Bonnie’s Memorial Page Two

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Mrs. Bonnie at 89th Birthday Party!
For years my grandmother was the only Christian in our family that I knew about, and her love for listening to the preaching on the radio, I did not understand as a child. My grandmother had so many grandchildren that she did not know what to do. We would all take our turn through the summer spending a week at Nanny Bonnie's house, and she would make us shuck corn, shell peas, snap beans, and hang clothes out on the line. We acted like we didn't like it, but we couldn't wait for our week to come each year. Now that I'm older and know a lot more about her love for the Lord, I've often wondered if it was her prayers that God had answered when He knocked on my hearts door. I just thank God for her example, and for her love. I just wished I had spent more time with her. At least, I know I will spend eternity with her, and that's better than what we would of had here on earth. One of the grandchildren. Sandra D. Bowman Goldin.  Note : Music in background is from a tape recording Sandra made about 10 years ago!
It was great getting to know Ms. Bonnie! It was an honor and privilege to listen, and have her tell us about her mother Sara A. Robershaw, Smith, Hudgins, and her grandmother Sara Rouse, Robershaw, Bass. She made them come alive as she would share her memories of them. Ms. Bonnie was the last of her generation for us to learn about our forefathers. I only wish that I had known her sooner, and had been able to spend more time with her. She was one Great Lady and we will miss her with all our love and admiration! Cousin, Hal Robershaw

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The Things in Life, that made Mrs. Bonnie Special!