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Sylvia Le Merle Robershaw

Memorial Page

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Born March 11, 1933 - Died April 23, 2007

Le Merle at some point in time was exposed to and enviroment that caused her to contract leukemia. This is completely foriegn to the general Family trait of heart failure! She was in the hospital, 31 days for her 1st treatment, 40 days for her 2nd treatment and 50 + days for her 3rd and final treatment.

The Acknowledgement!
This is the handout at her funeral service. On the left side is a beautiful poem written by her daughter Denise!
Family members were asked to share their Memories about Le Merle at the funeral service. Below are excerpts with links to entire Memories.

My Memories, by daughter Denise Holmberg!!

One night as I sat in the chair beside her, the comfortable one, I leaned my head towards her and prayed. My prayer was about love - and how much I loved my mother and my God. For a brief moment, my entire soul was filled with a discernible feeling - a wonderful feeling - I knew it was perfect love - God was telling me - He loved us Click Here

My Memories by brother Reginald Robershaw!!

To understand the setting, yes, we were a poor family. But, we didn't know it, we had each other. Even though we lived in this place that our neighbors often referred to as the shacks. Which was a tool shed that housed the tools from the rock quarry across the street. The street, the dirt road that came by our home was so close it was really our front yard. Nevertheless, after three boys come to our family, my parents had given up on ever having a girl - then here she came. Click Here

My Memories by brother Ron Robershaw!!

There is much I could say about sis from our childhood. Even back then, she was always willing to HELP; I wanted to learn how to ride a two wheel bike, so Le Merle offered to teach me? After getting me on the bike she gave me a push down the hill, after I crashed a couple of times, I decided I would wait till I got older to learn how to ride a bike!!! Click Here

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