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Slyvia Le Merle Robershaw

Memorial Page Two

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Memories by brother Don Robershaw!!

Le Merle is very special to me. When I was younger, she was the one that took care of me most often. We spent some time growing up together in what the family calls the shacks. That was a fun place to grow up. None of us ever realized that we were very poor. I remember picking blackberries with Le Merle and later having the best blackberry cobbler. Click Here

Memories by sister Le Verle Robershaw O' Neal!!

Merle and I may have had our differences, but there are two things we always agreed on - - God and love of family. Her children will tell you, on Sunday, if you were in their house, you would be in church. Merle made sure her family knew the love of God. She loved to sing about Jesus and she really enjoyed a good old fashion gospel quartet. Actually, she loved anything said or sung about the love of Jesus. Click Here

Memories by daughter-in-law Nadia Lunsford!!

Mom, you are not my biological Mom, but from the first time I came to the United States back on February 11th 1976, you welcomed me as your daughter and from that time on you were the Mom I did not have, you became my "California Mom." Click Here

Memories by sister-in-law Sharon Robershaw & Sisters!!

We had the pleasure of knowing Le Merle through Don. Even though we did not get to spend a lot of time with her, we always looked forward to the times she would come to Texas and we got to visit with her. She had a unique way of lighting up the room with her presence. It was evident that she loved being around her family and extended family. Not only was she a "beauty queen" on the outside, but also a beauty and gracious person within. Click Here

Le Merle's final resting place, by Mom & Dad at El Camino Labor Rest section!! Le Merle's care for Mom and Dad in their later years was above and beyond what I could have done!!





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